How to upgrade the NVR system?

Please follow the below steps to upgrade the NVR system.

  1. Right-click mouse System setup>System admin>System version>Take a picture


  1. Contact Tech Support: and send the picture to get the upgrade file.
  2. Copy the NVR upgrade file to the USB disk, and do not change the name of the upgrade file.
  3. Right-click mouse System setup>System admin>System upgrade>local upgrade>it will detect USB>start upgrade



  1. Do not power off the NVR during the upgrade process, otherwise the upgrade will be failed.
  2. During upgrade process, if the upgrade is failed result from improper operation, the emergency recovery method can be used to restore the system. Please restore the system according to the following steps: check the upgrade file and copy it to the root category of the USB flash disk. Then insert the USB flash disk into the NVR, and power on the NVR. You will hear "Dee", and please wait for about three minutes, after that the system would be recovered and automatically restart.